Our Purpose


With a focus on dynamic worship and relevant Bible teaching,  our services invite you to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to help you feel at home in a way that is authentic and inspiring.  We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy your time with us 


God wants to know you personally.  More than just practicing religion, He wants to have a relationship with you.  Our Sunday services are where we focus on elevating lives by connecting them to God. We are passionate about reaching people with the love of Christ and leading them to a personal relationship with Him.



We all have things from our past that need to be settled once and for all. God’s process for you to experience freedom from yesterday is to have the right people in your life.  We believe that we are better together and that by joining a Small Group you will grow in faith while developing deep friendships with others who are growing too.



This step is God’s ultimate plan for your life—to make a difference in the lives of others. When you make a positive impact on people’s lives by doing what you do well, it is then that the Bible says your joy will be complete. Through our Dream Team, we hope to connect every person to an opportunity to live out their calling by serving others.  Our Growth Track is made up of four classes designed to help you with this important step. The Growth Track starts the first Sunday of every month.  Lunch and childcare are provided.  We encourage you to jump in at any time. 

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