July 15 2017

The people and Small Groups of CMC serve our community in so many ways throughout the year.  SERVE Day is an amazing opportunity for us to pick one day and all serve together to reach beyond our walls and bless our community.  This is an excellent way for parents to show children the importance of serving and there are so many ways to get involved. Together we will make a difference!








The registration deadline to join the August 2017 Costa Rica mission team has passed, but you are welcome to complete the REGISTRATION HERE and you will be placed on the waiting list.  Please contact ryan.roberts@crossmountain.church with any questions!








TANZANIA -  2016 -2017

During 2016, we will raise money to go toward the building of a Church Planting School in 2017.   

In 2017, God has given CMC an opportunity to partner with Dr. Barnabas Mtokumbali and the churches of Tanzania to build a Church Planting School. God gave them a vision to raise up 10,000 churches in the cities and villages around their country. The Assemblies of God of Tanzania have spent the last few years building 28 of 33 schools vital to the training of Church Planting Pastors.

Cross Mountain offers multiple trips each year, both nationally and internationally. We believe that God can do amazing things through people who are willing to sacrifice their time, give of their resources, and freely share the love Christ to a world who is hurting and in need.
One trip holds the potential to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we’re serving, and ironically, God ends up making a lasting difference in our heart, when we make ourselves available. You’ll never know the impact one trip can make unless you go. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a difference by serving the needs of others.

For more information on any of these outreaches, contact Danny Price at Danny.Price@crossmountain.church